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JT White is a designer originally from Maine, now residing in New York City. With a background in architecture and experience as a design researcher at MIT and Harvard, he now leads design at Managed by Q.

[Placeholder text] With a mischievous grin and a low, affected manner of speech, Miki Dora was labeled by the surf press as "the angry young man of surfing." He railed against the thronging Malibu crowd in a 1967 Surfer magazine article, saying the break had been all but ruined by the influx of "kooks of all colors, finks, ego heroes, Amen groupies and football-punchy Valley swingers."

Never afraid to be self-contradicting, Dora fumed against surfing's commercialization even as he hired out as an extra or stunt double in a series of Hollywood surf-themed movies, including Gidget (1959), Beach Party (1963), and Ride the Wild Surf (1964). He also posed for Hang Ten surfwear ads, and promoted his signature Greg Noll Surfboards Da Cat model with full-page surf magazine ads in 1966 and 1967—including one with Dora crucified on a cross made of two surfboards. Dora's act struck a nerve with magazine readers, many writing letters to the editor in praise, while others described him as a "sick and ignorant" person who should be "banned from the beach."